Citizen is a network of people working to re-imagine the city as a sustainable place for people to live in, one of social justice and equality, not just a space for consumption and profit.

Through its Manifesto for the City Citizen will promote community-led development to defend the city against unwelcome development, privatisation and over-tourism.

Uniting communities acting against exploitation, defending the commonly held assets of the city and fighting for housing rights, the network will consider running candidates for office.

Citizen aims to bring together neighbourhoods and communities across Edinburgh to:

  1. Promote community-led development city-wide.
  2. Prioritise quality of environment: identify and: identify and protect land and public space held in common good; extend the parks, greenspace and biodiversity of the city; support efforts to improve air quality.
  3. Protect key assets like playing fields, football pitches and shared spaces; protect public assets and services.
  4. Promote fair rents and increased public housing over holiday lets and second homes.
  5. Defend the city against over-tourism and commodification.
  6. Promote community based learning and organising for citizens; explore the power structure that currently defines city governance.
  7. Learn from international examples and experience of creating participatory municipal politics.
  8. Challenge the current economic growth strategy and business-led regeneration.
  9. Examine the impact of the festivalisation of the city and explore alternatives.
  10. Promote an environmentally sustainable transport infrastructure for the city with greater priority for active travel i.e. walking and cycling and better integration of transport and land use.