Homes for People / Not Profit

Living Rent are hosting a protest tonight – Property Parasites Out Of Edinburgh:

“On Thursday evening, so-called “property expert, investor, entrepreneur” Martin Roberts is hosting a session for would-be landlords in Edinburgh, to teach them how best to rip tenants off.

He boasts that he’ll get help them “start living the life they really deserve” by teaching them “rental and capital growth strategies and how to maximise their profits and increase revenue.” But there is no way for landlords to make eye-watering profits from housing without causing misery for tenants.

Join us to say homes should be for people, not for profit – and demand the government introduce proper, strong rent controls to stop property parasites from driving tenants into poverty.

We’ll be meeting outside Cycle Republic at 6 before heading along together. Don’t be late!”

More here.

Cycle Republic (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
71 Morrison Street, EH3 8BU Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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