Living Rent

Living Rent is a democratic organisation/union run by and for tenants. Our aim is to tackle the power imbalance between landlords and tenants. Too often, we see and hear of situations where housing is prioritized as a business model. Housing is often used as an investment or means to make profit for the few, whilst the many are left in below standard living conditions. Living Rent is here as a loud reminder that housing is a fundamental human right and must be restored as such in order to ensure everyone has access to safe, secure and affordable homes.

We believe that the collective and organised power of tenants is essential in pursuing these goals for which we use various methods – including direct action. Our activities include defending our members; campaigning for issues such a rent controls, housing legislation, holiday lets as well as AirBnB regulation; and supporting communities that are defending their rights as tenants, private and social, and members of the community.

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