Prince Harry and the Chamber of Secrets

By David Black

Talk about a lost opportunity!

It seems extraordinary that no-one has thought it worth organising a peaceful protest at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre to coincide with the arrival or departure of Prince Harry, who is basically being used by the travel industry to launder its climate wrecking activities. The subject of this closed conclave of around 100 travel trade top brass is ‘Sustainable Tourism’ – an oxymoron on a par with ‘Nitromors Soup’, and just as lethal.

The young lady at the EICC front desk had the programme in front of her, but admitted she was under strict orders to keep it a closely guarded secret, though it seems conference registration will start at 9am and it will go on for most of the day. Naturally, anything to do with the princeling’s arrival is being kept under wraps. On the whole, however, if placard bearers were to arrive at around 11am -2pm it might be no bad thing.

Interest in his appearance is international and his imminent attendance at this event have received coverage in almost every newspaper on the planet, from the Times of India to Harpers Bazaar and the Sydney Morning Herald. It would be daft not to be waving placards saying pithy things like; ‘Thank you tourists and goodbye’ – ‘No more Airbnb for Edinburgh’ or even ‘Cheap flights + airbnb + budget hotels = a guaranteed coronavirus epidemic’.

As Ben Wray writes for Commonspace:

“Unless Harry is going to stand up in Edinburgh and denounce the unsustainable growth of international flights…and demand governments put people and place before profit, then his conference might better be called the unethical tourism summit.”
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