Urgent call to help protect our City Green Space, Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street Gardens – no more business as usual!

This is an appeal for concerned residents of Edinburgh and any others who care about the protection of green spaces to submit emails to the Parks Dept of the Edinburgh City Council parks@edinburgh.gov.uk on behalf of the wellbeing of Princes Street Gardens, their use as gardens, memorials, appropriate community focused activities and crucial city centre green space for the benefit of the residents of Edinburgh as communal owners of this common good land and our guests. The deadline is 6 March, 2020.

This appeal relates to the proposed Summer Sessions concert series for 2020.

The Issue:

With issues coming to the fore concerning city centre parks, (especially those that are on our common good land and collectively owned by the people of Edinburgh), being prioritised as event venues over the gardens, memorials and green spaces that they are, we have seen the compounding damage that has been inflicted on our parks.

Perhaps it is time to tell the city that events and festivals, especially those for private profit are better suited to more appropriate venues. Tourism, events and festivals will always be a part of Edinburgh. However, the industry needs to better choose venues for their events that will not cause compounding, and in many cases, irreversible ecological damage to our crucial and historically valuable green spaces. The industry should also be more mindful of the scale and size of their events and festivals as we are a finite city with limited resources currently facing austerity and cuts to our crucial services. Our green spaces deserve crucial and vital protection from the impacts of this misuse.

What you can do:

Send an email by 6th March 2020 to Parks Dept of the Edinburgh City Council parks@edinburgh.gov.uk

Tell them your concerns about the gardens and object to their use to host the Summer Sessions of 2020.

Finally, the Old Town Community Council recently made public on twitter the following:

#WPSG will be predominantly closed for 25 days in August. If you don’t want to be effectively barred from #WestPrincesStreetGardens for those 25 days, then please email your objection to parks@edinburgh.gov.uk by Friday 6th March. More objections mean it’s less likely to happen!

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